Journey Through the Chakras

A Journey Through The Chakras

Chakras JourneyIt seems no matter which modality you work with in the complementary world... the CHAKRAS are there, showing you the way and reminding you that these wonderful energy centers hold many secrets towards your growth and journey to balance and harmony. They relate to every aspect of ourselves... physical, emotional, structural and spiritual... they related to colors, sound, oils, crystals , hormones... everything.

No wonder when the Chakras are out of balance WE ARE TOO!

The new Advanced Spiritual Chakra System with 13 Chakras is now coming into humanity's awareness and is possibly activating in your body now.  We will be looking at these Spiritual Chakras as well as the main 7 Chakras.

The Healing Tuning Forks class uses forks tuned to the chakras, the Kinesiology Foundation Course includes the Chakras, Reiki works through the chakras. They are so very important.

This one day Journey Through The Chakras course is for anyone who would like to know more about this wonderful aspect of ourselves and start the alignment to the NEW YOU!


Cost $95

Time: 10am  - 4pm

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