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First Degree Reiki Course

Your first step in taking responsibility for your own well-being!

The First Degree Reiki course attunes you to the energy of Reiki which clears the healing channel, increasing your natural ability to heal which we all have.   This level is all about YOU.  You are the most important person in YOUR life and once you have  healed yourself you are in a much better place to be able to help others. You will learn the history of Reiki, and ways of giving Reiki treatments to yourself and others to enhance your health and well-being.

Reiki  is a  gentle treatment and given simply through the laying on of hands.

After the course you will know the simple form for Reiki treatments. Watch the changes come ......

No prior Reiki experience is necessary.

Reiki Course Cost: $250.00 for two days.  .


NEXT 1st DEGREE REIKI CLASS - August 11th & 12th 2018

To book a place please contact me by email

 or phone 310 367 6588


Second Degree Reiki Course

Reiki is a truly tranfomational experience!

The Second Degree Reiki Course is for students who are already aligned to the the First Degree Reiki Course and have used it reguarly for at least 3 months. You will learn the sacred Reiki symbols, how to do distant healings, sending  Reiki to past, present & future, and get an understanding of the 'there is no time' concept, plus work directly with the emotional and mental aspects..... and  much more.

Reiki Course Cost: $350 for two days.


The next 2nd Degree class is September 8th & 9th 2018

in Marina Del Rey

For more details and to book e-mail me at : or call 310 591 8020

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