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Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Course

Everywhere I look now I hear about Sound Healing and Tuning Forks. It wasn't like that 10 years ago when I started teaching it, but I'm delighted the word is out because quite honestly sound and color are the medicine of the future. If you have any kind of holistic practice then adding sound is one of the most miraculous things you could do. Even if you are not a health practitioner it’s something you can use for yourself and your's so simple and so POWERFUL!!

You can lean it in ONE day and use it right away. 

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As an healer and teacher I have worked with Vibrational healing for over 35 years and Sound is one of most favourite modalities.  I have put this course together so that now you can learn quick and easy ways to balance the Chakras using Sound Healingwith Tuning Forks. Find out about correcting all kinds of Physical and Energetic imbalances in the body using Sound Therapyas a healing tool including learning basic Kinesiology Muscle Testing Techniques for the selection and correction procedures.

Greatly increase your own healing power using Chakra-Sound Tuning Forks to concentrate and focus the healing effect into the body using Sound Energy. 

For centuries Sound Therapy has been known to be a powerful form of healing and a potent way of raising vital energy within the body. Its effect on the physical and metaphysical levels is of the highest order. 

You Will Learn How To: 

  •             Relieve and eliminate physical and emotional pain 
  •         Use tuning forks to gain more clarity of mind and renew your spirit 
  •         Use the different frequencies of the organs, meridians and charkas for healing 
  •         Learn the effects of sound on the body, mind and spirit to bring you back to balance and harmony 
  •         Incorporate sound into your client work to get better results

If you are a Complimentary Therapist add Sound to your healing approach and be amazed at the results!                    


What others are saying about Linda:

"I absolutely loved taking Linda Penny's tuning fork class. She's an inspirational teacher with amazing healing techniques that she graciously passes on during her classes. Whether you're a healer or just interested in healing, she will provide you with life lessons that are as profound as they are practical." JoyKing

" As a student I was super impressed with Linda's depth of knowledge about sound vibration and her ability to teach me in a way I could easily understand, apply and run with. I’ve since healed many people including my 90-year young dad – clearing his remnant kidney stones so he wouldn't have to have surgery. If you’re looking for a new way to heal I highly recommend working with Linda – she’s an absolute pro. I can’t thank you enough Linda for introducing me to this powerfully exciting modality and sharing your abundant wisdom! Sherri Nickols, L.A,

“Sound is the medicine of the future”  Edgar Cayce "



Initial Basic HTF 1, one day workshop

cost $125 and incudes the manual.  

Time:  10.00am - 4.00 pm


April 21st 2018


BOOK NOW or call 310 367 6588



April 22nd 2017

Please contact me for details

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