Vital Wellness Program

The Vital Wellness Program©

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I am delighted to introduce - THE VITAL WELLNESS PROGRAM©

Set up to educate and offer practical tools to everyone, this program is designed to help you cope with the times that we live in, take care of yourselves, your friends and families and generally know how to increase your level of well-being. I have treated very many of you and I now want to teach you ways to help yourselves. And in the bargain raise your vibration! Not a bad package eh?

In this time of great change we too must learn to change.
We are evolving along with the planet.
Find the key to the happiness and joy we all seek.

Life as we have known it is no longer... it has shifted to a new paradigm, and as we understand that, we make the necessary adjustments to the way we think, act and function in our world.

Many of you are already struggling with the 'old' ways not knowing how to let go and move into the new vibration that we are existing in now. It's not so difficult... it's not so scary... in fact it's just a few simple steps to the new and exciting version of yourself.

Join me for these exciting and informative courses and learn simple techniques that will change the way you operate in the world.

As a Holistic Healer and Teacher of many years, I have developed and used different ways to enhance my joy by balancing my mind, body and spirit. Let me show you how.

You will leave with techniques you can use immediately to start taking responsibility for your own well-being.

The Vital Wellness Program©

PART 1 & 2


With Linda Penny Dip ASK
Kinesiologist, Holistic Healer & Teacher


concentrates on CLEARING. You will be introduced to a number of 'tools' to clear unwanted emotional, mental and physical aspects that may be holding you back.

You will learn ways to:

  • Eliminate Stress
  • Learn the power of Forgiveness
  • Release unwanted habits, attitudes and fears
  • Leave the past behind
  • Allow more joy into your life

focuses on MOVING FORWARD. Now that you have cleared the 'debris' you have a much better opportunity of moving forward with ease and grace. These techniques will help you on the way to achieve the life you have always wanted... to becoming more of who you really are.

You will learn ways to:

  • Set your goals
  • Enhance creativity
  • Find your way forward
  • Boost health, well-being, mental acuity and energy flow through the body
  • Bring yourself into balance and harmony

These techniques will help you on the way to achieve the life you have always wanted... to becoming more of who you really are.


Next PART ONE class TBC in Marina Del Rey

Places are limited so please book early!

Cost:  $125 


Next PART TWO is TBC 2015 in Marina D el Rey

Cost: $125





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