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Protect Yourself From The Harmful Effects Of Cell Phone Radiation





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Increasingly more and more of us are concerned about the possible side effects of radiation from our daily use of our mobile and cordless phone.

These anxieties include worries over mobile phone radiation or cordless phone radiation and side effects such as headaches and fatigue. Or you may be concerned about future effects on your children or grandchildren due to their regular use of such equipment.

phoneshield-01In fact, radiation from mobiles is suspected of causing:

  • fatigue
  • reduced concentration
  • tiredness
  • headaches
  • disturbed vision
  • memory loss
  • muscle weakness
  • reduced immunity to illness

So what's the alternative? The answer is a small round device called The Quartz PhoneShield that has been scientifically designed to reduce the harmful side effects of radiation from mobile and cordless phones (the computer version, also used for cordless phones, is called The Quartz Wi-FiShield).


Increasing evidence shows that radiation from mobile phones can cause side effects.

The Quartz PhoneShield will protect you and your family from the effects of radiation yet is highly affordable, easy to fit, safe for all the family and suitable for every brand or model of mobile.

These tiny shields are highly effective yet are quick and easy to fit, require no technical expertise and are very affordable.



Select a Color

(plus $5.00 shipping for more than 1)


The Quartz PhoneShield is:

  • highly affordable for all the family
  • fitted in seconds - no wiring or batteries required
  • proven not to affect reception or reduce performance
  • safe for all the family to use
  • developed and manufactured in the UK
  • long lasting, never needing replacement
  • the perfect caring gift

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