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This site is dedicated to health and well-being.

I'm delighted that you have found me. I offer a variety of holistic treatments, courses and products all designed to improve your health and well-being.

Using kinesiology, frequencies, energy medicine, reiki, sound, cranial sacral therapy and many other healing modalities my intention is to bring you to a place of harmony, peace and balance.

I am able to treat you in Marina Del Rey, California or at a distance by either phone or skype.  Distance Healing is very effective and I have had amazing results over the years and am able to take care of my clients no matter where they are.

Once the body/mind/spirit is in balance life improves... you feel happier, aches, pains and disease disappear, stress is removed, the mind is clearer and you are able to understand the concept that it is necessary to take responsibility for your self. You can then design the type of life you wish to create... and bring it to fruition.

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