Thermal Imaging Study

We recently conducted a case study of the effects on the body whilst using a mobile phone to make a 10min phone call, below we detail our findings along with thermal images taken throughout the process.

Our test subject, Claire was wearing a sleeveless shirt and her long hair was tied at the back of her head and fell over her shoulder. Two thermal images were taken.
1 – Claire’s face, neck & chest 2 – Claire’s right proile
1-Front-prior-to-Phone-Call 2-Right-Profile-prior-to-Phone-Call
Her skin tone registered in the yellow/red range and her teeth in the blue/green range. Claire’s clothes register as blue/green on the image and her hair in the blue/purple range indicating cool temperature.
Claire was asked to make a mobile phone call and, 5 minutes into the call, two further thermal images were taken…
3 – Claire’s face, neck & chest 4 – Claire’s right proile
3-Front-during-Phone-Call 4-Right-Profile-during-Phone-Call
Both images show a temperature increase by the expanded area of red around the nasal area, neck and chest.
After a total of 10minutes, the mobile phone call was ended and a further 3 thermal images were taken of Claire…
5 – Claire’s face, neck & chest 6 – Claire’s right proile 7 – Claire’s left profile
5-Front-after-10-minute-Phone-Call 6-Right-Profile-after-10-minute-Phone-Call 7-Left-Profile-after-10-minute-Phone-Call
The areas of red around the face neck and chest have spread with temperatures rising, there is a also a distinct increase in temperature with the white color featuring prominently around the ear, cheek and side of the neck. The left profile shows a marked difference in colour range/temperature from the right profile image.

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