What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is Muscle Testing and Energy Balancing

Kinesiology is an holistic complementary therapy based on clinically proven muscle testing procedures. A method of muscle testing designed to re-establish balance in a truly holistic way, including the physical, mental, emotional, chemical and electrical aspects of the body. Kinesiology is probably the best diagnostic tool available.

The Kinesiologist does not heal anything, rather, they restore the energy balance in the body by supporting the individuals own healing process. Imbalances are corrected immediately by specific massage, rubbing and holding techniques and supported long term by the indicated nutrition.

It is particularly effective for identifying food sensitivities and supplement deficiencies.

The Benefits of Kinesiology

  • It works as a true holistic treatment. BALANCE being the operative word

  • It covers the mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual aspects of a human being

  • It is quick and efficient.

  • Most problems can be fixed or improved in a few, or even one session!

  • It includes NUTRITION, an area that is of vital importance to our health and well being

  • The Kinesiologist is able to call upon many other healing modalities available to them, for example nutrition, massage, healing, colour, sound, chakra balancing, Bach remedies, cranial work, and so forth, to give the best treatment for their client

  • It’s DRUG FREE!

  • It balances the right and left hemispheres BRAIN and as a result it can be very beneficial to people with learning difficulties and dyslexia

The Benefits of Kinesiology can help you to:

  1. Free yourself from anxiety and stress

  2. Become balanced in every area of your life

  3. Take responsibility for yourself and your health - be in the drivers seat!

  4. Remove fear and negativity from your life

  5. Have a positive outlook, and watch the miracles happen!

  6. Know what nutrition your body needs

  7. Experience mental freedom

  8. Understand your TRUE SELF

  9. Feel connected to the Universe and NEVER FEEL ALONE!

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