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So happy you came to my site. Now that you have found me. Let me tell you about myself. I am a holistic health expert who has been studying, treating and teaching for over 35 years. I am passionate about healing and even more passionate about educating people so that they have the tools they need to take care of themselves.

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Holistic Healer & Teacher

As an inspirational teacher I have had the honour to greatly impact thousands of students on three continents. My training programs include Kinesiology, Sound Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Energy Medicine….and more.

The latest additions to my work are frequency, sound, light and color as part of my treatments.

My courses are designed to give you tools to raise your vibration, take care of your health and well-being, and become congruent with the new energy we find ourselves in.

In 2012 I launched The Vital Wellness Program designed to empower people by giving them ‘tools’ to clear the past and move forward. 

This year, 2023, I released my first book The Fast Track to Waking Up.  Inspired by questions from clients and students, this is a handbook to Raise your Consciousness and improve your daily spiritual practice.

I love my life and my work, and devote my time to helping people to have more health, energy and joy in their lives….and to WAKE UP to their highest potential.

I am a member of the  Kinesiology Association, and have worked all over the world. I am  currently based in the UK where I have my practice as an Energy Healer, Kinesiologist, and Educator. 

Contact me for information about treatments and classes online.

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An 11-step journey to change your life, raise your consciousness and inspire your daily spiritual practice