Kinesiology Class

An Introduction to Muscle Testing

Your body doesn’t lie!

Have you ever wanted to know if something is good for you? Is there a way to test your foods?  How do you know which supplements to take and how many? Can you talk to your cell’s intelligence?

The answer is YES with Muscle Testing!  By using ‘muscle testing’ to talk to the innate intelligence of the body we can build a communication within us. The brain is a marvelous computer, however the ‘innate’ knows everything about each system of your body….and more!

Join me for these exciting and informative courses and learn simple techniques that will change the way you operate in the world.

Kinesiologist muscle testing

Muscle Testing is a language and the aim of this class is to introduce you to a few Muscle Testing techniques

Everyone can learn how to muscle test. This is a great class for an existing practitioner or anyone who is interested in taking charge of their own health.

What you will learn

  • To communicate with your own innate intelligence.
  • To ask the body questions and receive the answers to great health.
  • To test for various foods, supplements, herbs and essential oils.
  • How to remove emotional stress.
  • To activate your brain and to have more energy and mental clarity.
  • Use it to test yourself, your clients, your friends and family. 

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Cost: £95

9am – 12noon UK

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