A Journey Through the Chakras

Learn more about this wonderful aspect of ourselves and start the alignment to the NEW YOU!

The way we look at health is changing, We are taking control of our health and not automatically running to ‘someone’ to fix us. One of the tools we have is our Chakra system. I think we sometimes forget how important the Chakras are to our health and wellbeing. They are connected to all of us; the emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic and physical aspects of the body. Once they are balanced you will be surprised how much better you feel in so many areas. You may see changes in your physical body or even your perspective and manifestation abilities.

Join me to learn about the magic of the 7 main chakras that govern our lives. It promises to be an interesting and informative journey to learn what they are, where they are located and how they affect us and our health. Ultimately, how to heal them and maintain our good health, and also begin to understand the messages that our body is giving us… bring along your aches and pains to discover what your body is shouting about!  

Suitable for all those wanting to improve their health and wellbeing.

Chakra Classes
No wonder when the Chakras are out of balance WE ARE TOO!

Chakras are energy centres. 

They absorb energy from the Universe and distribute it throughout your system. This distribution of energy maintains our minds and physical bodies

Without your Chakras – You would not be here.

Look after them – they will serve you well

What you will learn

  • What are the 7 Chakras
  • How do they work?
  • What effect do they have on our health
  • What blocks them
  • The colour, sound and attributes of each Chakra

Next Class

5th July 2024

On Zoom

Fee: £95 


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Advanced Chakra Class

The 13 Chakra System

Just when we think we have an understanding of our 7 Chakra System, humanity takes another giant leap in evolution. We shift…. all of us shifts! 

Our Chakra System has to ‘upgrade’ to handle the ‘new’ higher vibration that is now penetrating the planet, preparing us for 5th dimensional living and beyond.

We are ready for The 13 Chakra Activation

Planet earth is once again moving out of the dark area of the galaxy and is already moving back into the light of the central sun!

This is why the schumann resonance is spiking every few days at the 40-hertz, 5d level!

There is no significant solar activity occurring to cause this and there is no events on earth that will spike the schumann resonance to a sustained 40 hertz level!

The high vibrational energy that has been showing up around the planet and is not coming from the sun, or other planetary bodies and is not coming from earth!

This high-frequency energy we are seeing and experiencing is coming from the galactic core/central sun!

Heightened levels of gamma light are now coming into the layered body system of all beings of earth and in this cosmos and science and biology has proven some time ago that gamma light re-codes and upgrades dna and it does it faster than anything known!


This is why we need now to activate our NEW chakra system so that we are able to align with this new powerful and enlightening energy.

As a result of these vibrational shifts, our bodies, minds and spirits are morphing at a phenomenal rate to a higher frequency, more aligned to 5D.

The new Advanced Spiritual Chakra System with 6 NEW Chakras is now coming into humanity’s awareness and is possibly activating in your body now.

These amazing vortices of energy are full of immense amounts of fascinating information.

Join me to explore, activate and align to the NEW CHAKRA SYSTEM as we prepare for 5D and Ascension

What you will learn

  • How they will transform the other seven chakras
  • Their colour, sound and attributes
  • How they raise your vibration
  • How they align with the new energy
  • How to absorb the immensity of multi-dimensional information inherent in your new physicality.

Next Class

19th July 2024

On Zoom

Fee: £95

UK time – 10am – 1pm


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