The Fast Track to Waking Up

I’m excited to introduce you to my very first book!

Available at Amazon and all good bookshops

The Fast Track to Waking Up takes you on an 11-step journey to change your life, raise your consciousness and inspire your daily spiritual practice.

It’s a handbook to waking up to a happier and healthier life and was inspired by questions from my many clients and students over the past 35 years.

If you participate and use the tools and techniques I give you, you will find your life will change for the better.

You will open up a part of yourself that is dormant and your true self will emerge, complete with the creativity you never knew you had.

You will find ways to access that part of you that is divine – your divine self that knew you were divine when you chose to come here. You made the necessary plans and then forgot.

The 11 steps are easy and efficient and cover areas such as;

Keep it Simple, Gratitude, Overcoming Challenges, Watch your Words, Practice Forgiveness, Feel Good, Think Big and Laugh a lot!  And more

This little handbook puts you in control of your life, and wakes you up to your own magnificence, so that you can become the next best version of yourself!


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