Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Treatment

The purpose of the session is to bring you

energetically into balance and harmony

What happens during a session?

During a Tuning Fork Sound treatment, you will lie gently (or sit if necessary) on the table.  You will be attuned to a selection of forks and I will assess, via muscle treating, which frequencies are needed.

You often move into a state of bliss when you surrender

These sounds go beyond the logical mind, clearing blockages in the Chakra and Meridian systems. The Subtle Energy Fields also often have blockages that may be affecting your health and well-being, so by using the Tuning Forks a natural state of balance can be restored.

Sounds that are harmonious activate the body and create healing.

Your physical body exists as a frequency device.

It is not necessary to remove clothes during a treatment, with the exception of shoes, watches and jewelry.


The cost per session is treatment is £95 or $150

Available online and in person

To book a session please