Tuning Fork Sound Healing Classes

Balance the Chakras

Sound is the medicine of the future  Edgar Cayce 

For centuries Sound Therapy has been known to be a powerful form of healing and a potent way of raising vital energy within the body. Its effect on the physical and metaphysical levels is of the highest order. Tuning forks were originally created in the 1700s by John Shore, a British musician and Sergeant Trumpeter and lutenist to the court.

The power of sound can energize the body when tired or relax the body by soothing the nervous system when we are angry. It also has the amazing ability to lift our spirits in times of depression and grief.

Our bodies are fluid, sonic, emotional and vibrational. By listening and feeling the vibration and sound of the tuning forks you bring it into your body so healing and change can happen.

Translated into its musical form Sound becomes the appreciation of its Universal power for it clearly helps us to become more harmonious and coherent – it is by these standards, therefore, a truly potent medium for healing.

Greatly increase your own healing power using Chakra-Sound Tuning Forks to concentrate and focus the healing effect on the body using Sound Energy.

What you will learn

  • How to correct all kinds of Physical and Energetic imbalances
  • Bring the nervous system into balance
  • Provide deep state of relaxation
  • Increase physical energy and mental concentration
  • Improve mental clarity and brain functioning
  • reduce stress
  • Develop and refines sonic abilities
  • Integrate left and right brain thought patterns

If you have any kind of holistic practice, adding sound is one of the most miraculous things you could do. Even if you are not a health practitioner it’s something you can use for yourself and your family…it’s so simple and so POWERFUL!!
You can learn it in ONE day and use it right away.

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27th June 2024

On Zoom

Fee: £95 includes the manual.  

Time:  9.00 am – 12.00 Noon GMT

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Advanced Tuning Forks Class

The Meridian & Solfeggio Frequencies

This class is for those of you who wish to expand your knowledge of this ancient, efficient and powerful healing modality.

Science has established that all things are made up of atoms and it is the movement, or vibration of those atoms, that determines the form of all matter. Current research has also validated that every cell, tissue and organ in the body vibrates at a certain frequency when healthy and another when stressed.

The meridians not only feed vital energies to their related organs, they also reflect any pathological disturbances in those organs, providing a convenient and highly accurate tool for diagnosis.

We will also experience and learn how to use a time-honored tonal scale known as The Solfeggio Frequencies.  Their origin dates back to ancient times where they were apparently used in Gregorian Chants.

Solfeggio chants contained special tones or frequencies, which still have the capacity to transform our lives in miraculous ways.

What you will learn

  • The Meridian set of forks and how they correspond to our chakras, organs and glands. 
  • The Meridians & The Five Elements.
  • How to apply the forks on and around the body.
  • How to use a time-honored tonal scale known as The Solfeggio Frequencies.  
  • Understand the principle of resonance.
  • Tuning Fork Configuration Patterns.

If you loved working with the Chakra set you will absolutely love this class!!

I do hope you can join me to learn more about the amazing healing ability of sound!!

Next Class

14th June 2024

On Zoom

Fee: £95 includes the manual.  

Time:  9.00 am – 12.00 Noon  GMT

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