Thank You Linda for an amazing day on the Healing with Tuning Forks Class. It far exceeded any expectations. The day was fun, informative and full of your wise wisdom. I loved the practical side as it meant I could feel the healing powers of the forks and I also appreciated the professional manual. I have since bought the Chakra tuning forks and include them in my Kinesiology sessions or use them stand alone. I and my clients are astounded at the power of the tuning forks and they have helped take my clients healing to another level.

Joanna H.

If you’re interested in energy and sound healing, you will love Linda’s workshops! She is a wonderful teacher, incredibly knowledgeable and lots of fun. The tuning fork workshop was amazing and sound healing has now become an integral part of my kinesiology and shiatsu practice . The tuning forks are a wonderful addition to the kinesiology toolkit or you can do a full sound healing treatment with them. I also use them in my shiatsu sessions. They are a great way to balance all the chakras . The results can be amazing even just using them for as little as 10 mins . I’ve only been using the forks for a couple of months, already seeing results such as clearing headaches, stopping vertigo, stopping excessive menstrual bleeding, pain relief in back and joints. Amazing stuff! Sound healing is the future and Linda is the lady to train with !

Fiona C.

Linda is an amazingly talented therapist. There are not many people I recommend but I do for Linda time and time again.

Heidi S.

I have known Linda for over 20 years. During that time she has grown exponentially in stature as both a healer and a teacher. Constantly learning new modalities and expanding her already considerable knowledge. At this point I would say I know of no-one with quite Linda’s sensitivity and purity of intention combined with an extraordinary talent to get right to the heart of the problem. This, combined with a great sense of fun, zest for life and vast amounts of knowledge makes Linda truly unique! When I found I had breast cancer last year, I was able to clear this completely from my body with Linda’s help and vast amounts of love. Thank you Linda! How lucky everyone you touch.

Sara B.

The Foundation Kinesiology Course has been the most enjoyable course I have studied. Not just because the content is fantastic but also the fact that your style and input gives me so much more that many box standard teaching methods. I truly feel this is the reason I have gained so much from you and the course. I feel I have totally transformed as a person throughout the journey of this course and I now know I have found the right path to follow. I view life quite differently and this is no coincidence! I have had so much fun learning and that is something worth shouting about, so I will spread the word and recommend this course to many.

Donna S.

One of the best things about the [Foundation Kinesiology] course is Linda’s relaxed approach to teaching which makes every lesson fun and enjoyable. During the course you assimilate a great deal of information but from day one you are able to have enough experience to put your theory into practice. There is plenty of practical work, which at first is quite daunting but you soon really look forward to ‘having a go’. Not only are you learning how to treat people, you also learn a lot about yourself and at the end of the course I guarantee you will approach life in a different and better way. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course.

Jayne H.

There’s so much to say about my time as Linda Penny’s student, it’s hard to be brief but in the attempt to do so I can definitely say that what you’re in for is not just a great learning experience, but a real journey. Through Linda Penny’s [Foundation Kinesiology] class I have come to have a tremendous respect and understanding of this power we call energy. Linda has a great personable style and makes a very real connection with each student and is thus able to guide them through their own energy transformation; make no mistake, you will transform. Linda’s extensive knowledge and experience makes her the supportive and highly professional mentor that she is and her hands-on approach makes her classes vibrant and exciting.

Saima F.

I have known Linda Penny for nearly three years. Little did I know what an impact she would have on me and my life! During my first kinesiology treatment with her I discovered she was a Reiki Master. I knew then that was the reason for my meeting her! Since that first treatment I have done Linda’s courses in Reiki, A Journey Through The Chakras, Spiritual Development, followed more recently with the Kinesiology Foundation Course. I am presently looking forward to the Tuning Forks Sound Healing course which is a very exciting prospect. It has been a tremendous journey and I have so enjoyed it. Linda manages to get over a tremendous amount of knowledge in her own inimitable way which is not only enjoyable but inspirational!

Joyce L.

Linda Penny is an intuitive energy healer. Her courses are inspirational and often act as a catalyst for change for the individuals who take them. She manages to impart the information on her courses in an interesting and fun way.

Justine M.

Sessions with Linda are a joy for the mind and a rejuvenation for the body.

Annie P.